The Magical Program and How it works (Alchemy continued)

The Magical program is basically a defined, well-understood complex version of the law of attraction. It is not measured by whether the commend works or not. It is measured by the degree at which the ritual works.


Magicians for the most part understand the laws of the universe and the forces that affect our world. Astrology, an art developed by the Babylonians over thousands of years (at least western astrology)

is a great participant in this game. Magicians, black and white alike know that planets are associated with different objects, events, aspects, and traits. 


Unlike the Law of Attraction which only deals with thoughts, intentions, emotions and energies, the magic sometimes involves invoking and evoking spirits as well. 

Magicians are often referred to as either a “white magician” or a “black magician.” But what does it mean to be either one? Black Magicians are usually satanists and during a ritual they refer to the spirit evoked as Gods whereas white magicians speak to these entities as slaves. Black magicians accept Satan as their Lord. 


Since magicians are aware of the multiplicity of spirits’ nature, they often refer to these entities as more than one name. They can equate different gods and goddesses from different mythology and they know the singular root story; God fighting with his “evil” brother or dual forces at war with each other. 

A Vital part of magic is the hidden properties in all things. They are the Spirit, Air, Water, and

Earth. They are also the planets; the sun, moon, venus, mercury, saturn, jupiter and mars. 


These properties have correspondences in personality, body parts, odors, points on a campus, angels and colors. For example, the Element Fire is associated with the color red, south, energy, the Djinn, and copper. 


When partaking in ritual magic, the magicians starts with cleansing the ritual space. The fragrance of the ritual space usually correlate with the energy they are trying to bring forward. Then the magicians draw symbols into the air like banishing pentagrams and hexagrams and slowly imagine everything to disappear. 


There are two types of actions done in a ritual. A magician engages in invoking when a magician wishes to invoke a spirit or energy or partakes in the action of banishing when he wishes to dispell a certain type of energy. Invoking usually involves names being vibrated while drawing symbols into the air. 


There are usually five types of tools used in a ritual. They include the wand, the sword/dagger, the cup/goblet, the scrying mirror and the pentacle. 


The wand is used to draw invoking symbols into the air. This tool is associated to fire or the spark of the light, will, desire, archangel micheal, the animal lion, the color red, the direction South, the animal lion and a male’s ability to start life. 

The sword  is used to draw banishing symbols onto the air. It is associated with the element air, the direction east, and the angel Rapheal. 


The Calise/Cup/Goblet represents water, the feminine quality of the womb, and its ability to bear life, life force, the color blue, dreams, emotions, psychic abilities, the direction west and the angel Gabriel. 


The scrying mirror is used as a medium to communicate with spirits and astral travel. It is a piece of glass that is painted black. It is associated with the moon. 


The pentacle is a wooden or clay disk with a pentagram drawn on it. It represent the earth, the direction north, the color green and brown, and arch angel Uriel.This is also called a talisman that is usually infused with a spirit or a type of energy in order to do a particular task to altar the physical world. For example if you want to become a better author, you infuse your talisman with the energy of Mercury. Then you consecrate and declare your intent. This should be done on a day and hour related to Mercury. 


Signs of a successful evocation are a sudden wind, odor, noises and voices. Evocations are usually dangerous for the inexperienced as some spirits or demons appear in a hideous appearance, with a nasty smell and a horrific voice. 

When evoking a spirit, a sigill; the symbol of the spirit is drawn on an talisman. The sigill is formed from a

magic square of a grid of numbers called a kimia. To use a kimia one would convert each letter to a number and draw lines connecting the numbers as per the sequence of the name. Then the talisman is painted in the color and in the material corresponding to the planet of the grid.

Then the spirit is evoked inside a magical triangle that confines the spirit. There must be a scrying mirror or steam or smoke in order to see the spirit visually. The spirit must be commended to reveal itself in a manner that is not hideous and speak in a soothing voice in your native tongue. An object bearing that spirit’s sigil is placed on the triangle and this object is subjected to injury to force the obedience of the spirit. 

Then there is Theurgic magic. Theurgic magic is the transformation of the self by knowledge and conversation with one’s guardian angels. This requires a series of rituals known as “The Great Work.” It is the highest achievement of white and black magicians. Alchemy describes this sort of spiritual development. The individual steps are called initiation and one could undergo the journey without the help of a Free-masonic lodge or groups derived from the Order of the Golden Dawn although it will take longer. This great work is to rid one’s self the gap between the lower and higher self.

This is done to attain spiritual powers. People with a high vibratory rate have more power to altar their realities and gain more spiritual insight. The higher self is said to make whatever it is that you want happen whereas the lower self is stuck in the material realm and is a prisoner to their own innate nature and circumstances. Reaching the higher self means to take control of one’s evolutionary nature and evolving further in a spiritual being.

Black magicians often speed up this process by using the help of Lilith and Satan but for this, they would have to sell their soul first. This combines their demonic and angelic counterparts.  


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