The Occult and Mythological Archetypes

The occult is the broad term that represents the mystical aspect of all religions. It is what is hidden and usually marked by paranormal phonomena. It is the hardest sequence of organization to figure out as of yet but that doesn’t stop conspirators to leave their marks every now and then. But what do they actually believe? Secret societies were not made up of simple-minded “sheeps” but were made up of individuals that tried to figure out the truth through science, history, mythology, and the known and the lesser-known ancient texts. They dug their way through all told truths and falsities as they constructed a legendary cult of their own.

The movie “The Zeidgeist” has taken everyone by storm. Some of it’s content has been proved to be wrong but the main message of it is significant when understanding the occult. The occult believes in archetypes. They believe in mythological characters that are all interconnected to each other, some even being related to symbolic ideas, planets, elements, etc. Some stories are even symbolic and taken as truth as they know that civilizations and groups that had no way to contact each other tell the same story just in a slightly different format.

The Serpent

The first symbolic idea is the serpent. The serpent or snake is used to represent wisdom, shrewdness the

ability to deceive at will, and the type of knowledge no one can compare with. Even though warm-blooded animals at an average are much smarter, the serpent still made it’s mark as the genius in almost every single culture. Perhaps, it is because it doesn’t look as ‘innocent’ as let’s say a bunny rabbit? It looks sly as it slithers through the grass and when it reaches you, you’ll be taken by surprise as it leaves it’s mark. But perhaps this reptilian creature is so famous because the ability to calculate and deceive at will was either respected or dreaded greatly in every culture/civilization and thus its popularity? Even the world’s favorite figure; Jesus says “be as harmless as doves and wise as a serpent.”

The serpent makes it’s mark through the Mythology of the Aztecs, Greek mythology, and symbologies of the Incas and native Americans. Even the Gods and goddesses of Chinese mythology is represented by dragons and snakes. Hindus give significance to the serpent but the most famous civilization other than Genesis of course is Egyptian culture. The snake is worn by pharaohs on their forehead. But what could the reason behind the serpent-significance be?

In Genesis, it was the serpent that seduced Eve onto eating the forbidden fruit telling her that she will be as the Gods and know good and evil.

The Kundalini energy that goes up your spine through your chakras onto your ajna chakra or the pineal gland so you can have a sixth sense also forms into the shape of a snake as it rises up to your kundalini.

Even the way the Egyptians wore their eyeliners look a lot like the shape of the pineal gland itself? Is the story of Genesis symbolic of the opening of the third eye and did the Egyptians know secrets that we aren’t aware of?

Their building of the pyramids seem to have put a mark in world history and the way they built it is a mystery. Even in their own writings, there are no texts stating how they built it. But secret societies, the Rosicrucians being one claim the roots of their beliefs and practices go all the way back to the the Egyptian mystery schools. So it isn’t far-stretched to believe that this civilization was home to some of the greatest secrets of the universe and nature of humanity that the occult were and still are dedicated on finding out. Egypt being their primary source is nothing surprising. Even Plato, one of the greatest philosophers in history studied for 13 years in Egypt.

The Flood

Then there is the flood tale. There were giants on earth, be it nephilim, fallen angels, or something

else. God frowned upon the evil that took place in those days. Hidden knowledge that could be a cause of the evil that humans were partaking in were being exposed. So God decided to flood the world and the purest couple were given a chance to take refuge. So they took two of every animal, created transportation and eventually repopulated the earth after the flood.

The most famous of this tale lies in the bible and the book of Enoch. The Earth was populated with fallen angels or the “Sons of God” who invented a new creature known as the Nephilim after mating with the “daughters of man.” God wasn’t happy with the evil that took place and decided to flood the world. Admidst the evil dwellers was the pure Noah who with his wife and three children built an arch and took two of every animal and survived the flood.

But stories like this isn’t only in the bible. Atlantis which as a concept has it’s roots in Plato’s teachings (which sprung from Egypt) was said to sink due to a flood.

In Chinese mythology, the water god Gong nearly flooded the world as he wanted to spread the horizon of his influence but was stopped by the righteous god Zurong.

In Greek mythology, of course after the opening of the Pandora’s box, Zeus was enraged at the evil that mankind was doing so he plotted to destroy everything. But Prometheus came to the rescue as he warned a man named Deucalion who built a chest and survived the flood.

In Norse mythology, the flood that consumed humanity was created by the God Amer. Burgelmir and his wife survived the flood.

The Sumerians say that a man named Utnaphistum built a boat and took his wife and two of every animal after god flooded the earth. He even released a dove like Noah to check for dry land.

There is the hindu tale of Vishnu’s first incarnation that was of a fish that warned a man named Manu to build an arch that would save his life in the famous flood.

Then there is Loneman, the Christ figure of a native american tribe called the Mandons. Lone man was born of a virgin girl eating corn by transforming himself to a carnal of corn which by the virgin girl ate from which led to her pregnancy. When Loneman became a young man, he went on a boat trip with twelve guides despite the bad weather. When the boat was finally endangered by a whirlpool, Lone man rose to his feet and claimed that it was he who created the water to which the whirl pool dissipated. During his travels, Lone man stopped by a piece of land of a village who he spoke to regarding an upcoming flood and advised them to build a fortress. The flood did come and only protected those that believed in him.

Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden isn’t simply a tale of the bible. The Persians have a version of their own with

slightly an alteration of the spelling of the place. They call it the Garden of Heden which was said to be the first habitation of humans but the primal couple like in the bible was seduced by a serpent and “fell.”

Lastly, there is the greek version featuring the Garden of Hersperides where golden apples of immortality grew which gave humans the ability to see far away. But to punish humanity, the ability was eradicated.

The Tower of Babel

This famous story of King Nimrod in Babylon wanting to build a tower that would reach the heavens but in return causing God to confuse the languages of the workers and parting their ways to populate different areas of Earth is not exclusive to the Bible.

The Aztecs of Mexico has a tale of their own. They say giants possessed the land and because of their arrogance, they wanted to build a tower that would reach the heavens. This made God angry and he sent his minions down to confound them which led to their separation.

Christ Figure

Every culture possesses a Christ figure. This figure is a magician, a civilizer, the chosen one, the sacrificed and the wanderer. Sometimes he resurrects but he never fails to leave a mark in history. Zeidgeist seemed to have claimed some uncanny parallels that all turned out to be fabricated but the point that he did put across as “food for thought” is that every culture has a Christ-like figure or figures that embody some of the traits that Jesus embodied. The Occult understand this and like many other figures have multiple names for the same being.

Vericocha, the supreme god of the Incas was a teacher, and a healer. A day after a flood, the Incas were approached by Vericocha. He cured the sick, healed the blind and taught men how to live in peace and love. He did miracles as praiseworthy as Jesus. He moved mountains and made streams of fresh water flow. As a teacher, he taught agriculture, architecture and science. He was a different race from the locals having been a man passed middle age, with blue eyes and a full grey beard. He also adressed the locals as his children. He parted from the Incs by sailing across the sea promising to return one day. He was said to be killed by jealous conspirators and his body was placed on a boat and cast away.

Osiris, the sun god of the Egyptians was a civilizer as well. He like Jesus Christ is known for

Resurrection. He abolished cannibalism and human sacrifice. He established the first legal code. Just like Jesus Christ, he left the kingdom and traveled around the world teaching other people. When he returned to Egypt, his brother Set killed him by locking him into a coffin and throwing him into the Nile River. Since, the coffin didn’t drown and Set eventually found this out, he cut his brother’s pieces. Isis, his wife found his body and recombined the body parts with sorcery. She failed to find the penis and substituted one with gold. He didn’t live long after that but he is said to periodically reappear to humans.

As previously mentioned, the savior figure of the Mundan people; Lone man was also born of a virgin, settled turbulant waters while boarding a boat and was perfect in all his ways.

Another figure who takes on the theme of sacrifice is the God Pharoah from the people of Mali. He transformed himself to a fish and sacrificed himself for the sins of his brother. Like Osiris, he was cut into pieces and scattered.

There appears to be common themes taking place. Most of these figures were some kind of teachers whose intent was to spread knowledge and wisdom to humanity. Osiris and Jesus for example went around teaching and Vericocha spread the knowledge of the sciences among the Incas. Osiris, like Jesus was destroyed by “evil” or “the bad” but resurrected. God Pharoah died for the sins like Jesus was said to have and Lone man’s beginning had all of the characteristics that Jesus had but his story emerged differently.

Occultists speak of the Christ figure as a “major setback” to the plan. They say he took a huge risk coming here as if his guarantee back to heaven is only a myth.

But what brought such similar themes to the stories of these civilizations and cultures? And is the university approach of cultural exchange really a definitive answer to such a question?

The Gods and Goddesses

The interesting thing about mythology is that the Gods and Goddesses of one mythology don’t only correlate to related cultures but many Gods and Goddesses have corresponding versions of themselves admidst the same mythology.

One example is Aphrodite and Astarte which are Greek Goddesses representing beauty, love and

fertility. They are also related to other Goddesses around the world such as Venus, Innana, Ishtar, and Ashtoreth. Innanna the goddess of ancient Mesopotamia went to the underworld to visit her sister; her darker aspect Erishkigal who ended up absorbing some of her positive qualities and even her body.


This multiplicity is also depicted when we consider the most infamous figure of all time; Satan. He is equated

with the villain of every mythology by occultists and satanists. He is Set who like Satan stood by God who then proceeded to make war with Horus; the seed of Osiris. Ahriman; a persian god is another God that the occultists associate with Satan as he is wicked in his nature and is at war with his righteous brother Ahura Mazda. Hades, the Greek god of the underworld may have not been at war with Zeus. However, occultists believe that they are currently at war. Their idea of the relationship between God and Satan takes a “God and his evil brother” theme. This represents duality at it’s most as Satan is the evil aspect of God.

Occultists also associate Satan with the fallen angel Azazel in the Book of Enoch. He is the leader of 200 angels who came down to the garden of Eden. In the book of Enoch, instead of the fruit being given to Eve, the fall of humanity came in the form of magical knowledge or “knowledge of good and evil” being spread. Occultists believe that the serpent tempted Eve in the form of Azazel when being possessed by Satan.

Azazel is also equated to Lucifer and to the Greek figure Prometheus. Prometheus stole the fire from the God and gave it to humanity who later got punished by Zeus by being tied to a rock and having an eagle peck at him. He is depicted as clever and rebellious. These three are known as the “light bringer” or the “torch bearer.”

And of course there is God who is represented by all mythologies and religions as the righteous brother or the benevolent being in war with evil. He is Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah to the believers of the Abrehemic faith who is associated with Zeus, Jupiter, Ahura Mazda and Osiris.

Then there is the son of god who embodied the aspects of God himself or Lucifer that could also be decorated the son of Satan as he too embodied aspects of Satan himself. Horus was also the Sun God just as Jesus also represented God in the flesh; both being a lower octave of the higher.

The multiplicity form of the deities seems to follow the Hindu concept of Avatars where multiple Gods and Goddesses reincarnate in different forms for different purposes.

What possibly could solve this mystery remains a mystery. The perspective of the Occultists are thought-provoking at the very least. They tell you a tale of two forces are at war with each other and each manifests in the physical realm to humanity at different ages and in different forms. They would have you question what side you are on and which side actually is for the betterment of our human race.


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