Trathaka (Candle Meditation, Sun and Moon Gazing)

 An ancient technique deriving from the ancients priests of Egypt themselves, Trathaka is staring at a glowing object consistently until you tear up and you can easily form the picture of the image before hand after you close your eyes. This is brings the mind to stillness and all other distractions dissolve away.


People used this technique to activate their pineal gland, practice meditation, and to witness the benefits that this technique will cause. This technique is said to increase self-confidence, will power and patience and to transform their innate bad qualities to good ones. 


Sun gazing is one method in which people practice trathaka. This method is noted in ancient Hindu and Jain

scriptures. The benefits are endless and one man lived off the sun’s energy alone. Hira Raten Manek upon practicing this has lived off of water alone for 411 days for several years. 


We need a lot of energy for the digestion of food and for our brain/mind in order to deal with mental problems, depression and negative emotions. Sun Gazing provides this energy and you may find yourself feeling more grounded in touch with your core essence without the negative garbage that we all suffer from every now and then. 


Sungazers report to sun gaze within two hours after sun rise or before sunset when the UV index is a low 2 or below. On day one, before sunset or after sunrise, stand bare feet in bare grass and stare at the sun for ten seconds. Everyday, increase the time span by ten seconds until you do this for nine months. Walking bare feet for 45 minutes is recommended as well. 


During the first three months of doing this, you will see improvements in personality traits that you once deemed negative. You may no longer be a prisoner to your primitive, evolutionary nature or your subconscious triggers. During the first three months, the pineal gland starts getting activated and the hypothalamus or pathway to the brain from the eye gets charged. Hira Raten Manek’s pineal gland is 8X11 mm as opposed  to the the greatest average of a pineal gland of a person that is over fifty is a pineal gland of 6X6 mm. 


Practicing this could also help with the ability to be guided by one’s intuition. Spiritual ignorance ceases to exist and you simply know how to make decisions and decipher between facts. Your mind becomes balanced and you are have a better ability to judge. Bad qualities like anger, greed and jealousy disappears. You become a more compassionate person. You become positive and fearless. Mental depression dissolves away. Psychiatrists are observing that a lack of sunlight is one of the factors that cause depression. 

After six to nine months, your hunger levels will decrease and cravings will cease to exist. In some cases, you won’t feel a need to live off of food and can stay without it like Hira Raten Manek. As a result of your pineal gland activating, you may have more spiritual insight and even gain clairvoyant abilities. 


If one doesn’t necessarily have the day to themselves, they can use the night for a similar method known as

candle gazing. The benefits are similar and who wouldn’t want to endure the relaxing sensations of having a candle light their bedroom.  


First light a candle and make sure it is directly in front of your eyes. Make sure the candle is placed eye-level A dark room is often preferred. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths in and out. Make sure your posture is straight and start staring at the candle flame. Keep doing this until you tear up. Once that takes place, close your eyes right away and try to picture the aftermaths of the image you just stared at. 


According to the Gheranda Samhita; one of the three classic texts of hatha yoga, this practice promotes clairvoyance. This practice has all the benefits of sun-gazing except this doesn’t specifically decrease hunger levels. 



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