Lilith in astrology and integrating the shadow self.

Who was lilith? Anyone familiar with Jewish mythology will know that lilith was Adam’s first wife. God created her not from his rib, but was created as Adam was. She is featured in the talmud, and the dead sea scrolls and the bible has this creature’s secretive lure on it as well.

“34:15 there she-shall-nest the great-owl, and she-lays-(eggs), and she-hatches, and she-gathers under her-shadow:”

She whispered God’s name and fled from the Garden of Eden as she firmly refused Adam to be subservient towards him during sex. She fled to the red sea where she mated with demons and spawned demon children. Upon her departure, three angels were sent to take her back to Adam. She refused them and as a result they told her thousands of her children would be killed as a result. She then promised to kill each of Adam’s children unless they had amulets with the names of the Angels inscribed on them.

In astrology she is the repressed, shunned feminine in all of us. She is the side of us that was taken from us in order to conform to society and cope with our pain. In a man’s chart, she is the woman he fears the most; the woman that has the power to  drive him to madness.

To find out where she is on your chart, go on Click on my astro, and click on “Create a horescope immediately, as a guest user.” Enter in your birth date, where you were born and the time. Then click on “Extended Chart Selection” down at the bottom. Type in  “1181, h13, h21, h58″ on the bottom collumn used to type in additional bodies and asteroids.

So what makes lilith so special? She is self-righteous, confident, and she stays true to herself and her feelings at all times. She’s honest, yet she’s like a complex riddle. She’s unpredictable, and absolutely ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants. And she will sacrifice even her own desires to prove a point or to rescue her sense of self.

The asteroid lilith is the part of us that is suppressed and humiliated. This is the part of us that feels marginalized for expressing that aspect of ourselves. An example of this would be a girl who has lilith in aries. She would be told as a child not to express her wild nature, and she would be coerced to a role that is more acceptable and that opposed her carefree, independent, impulsive nature. She will be bullied into a more compliant role and she will be likely to repress that aspect of herself for a long time until she is triggered into situations where that aspect of her is forced to come out. She will be triggered in situations that replicate this child-hood covered and she will even eventually attract her animus in relationships and will be so scared of the energy of this relationship that she will be forced to explore this hidden aspect of her psychologically. She’d be so away from this type of energy that at first she will find this partner or person to be emotionally disruptive. But as she tunes more and more into this Lilith energy, the strangeness will disappear and soon she will be close to a state of balance and learn to express herself as she was always meant to.

The Dark moon Lilith is the dark side of an individual. This is the part of us that is willing to to be just as evil as everyone else for the sake of revenge. This is the extremely sensitive part of us all of us that has been shunned, badly wounded and the side of us that we are just willing to do anything and everything to make sure that such a situation never repeats. Yet if it does, this is the side that make us absolutely ruthless.

The Black Moon Lilith is our sexual, intuitive, and seductive nature. It is the part of us that oozes sexuality. A woman with prominent Black moon lilith to her angles and planets will ooze sexuality. This is where our prana, or sexual energy is focused on.




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