Moon in Scorpio


The moon is our emotions. It is our inner world. It represents the fourth house, our home, our inner world and our comfort zone.


Scorpio is the sign of the phenex, the eagle and the scorpion. This is one of the most complex signs of the zodiac. They are the epitome of passion and strength. Their mind is penetrating, and they build on their wounds. They bury their wounds deep inside and let it be the fire for whatever endeavor they choose.

These people remember everything and they hold their memories close. That’s how they were set up as this is what they use as a defensive mechanism as they analyze every experience in order to have a better advantage of life’s battles. They use their experiences to rise up above everyone else. But they won’t do it before going inward and experiencing some emotional turmoil first.

They tend to have hard lives filled with struggles in their family lives and childhoods. This is what fuels their passion as they will do whatever it takes to not repeat the same sort of circumstances. This scorpionic individual remembers clearly what it was like to hear her father walk out of her and her mother’s life.

So after you gain her trust and win her heart, she will be possessive, and suspicious. Her complexity and intellect will drive you insane. But that  is only because she does not want the same situations to repeat. She will protect her heart at all costs. She will seduce you, in pencil heels, and penetrate your mind and body like nobody else ever has. Yet if you break her heart, she might just spend years plotting revenge. She’s an all or nothing kind of gal, and if you don’t adhere to this mindset, you better prepare for a rough ride because she will drive you insane.


Moons in scorpios find it difficult to detach from their emotional turmoil, forgive and let go of vengefulness. However, if they evolve, work on themselves, perhaps even receive therapy, they can be much like their symbolism; a phenex rising from the ashes. If you break her heart, she will use these very pieces to acheive whatever it is that she likes, and that is just so that the next time she sees you, she can see the look on your face when you feel like punching yourself in the face for losing her. Because she will have the hottest body, the highest heels, cherry red lipstick to drive, and the perfect dress to push anybody over the edge and she would have earned all of it herself.


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