Moon in Aquarius


These people’s emotions lies in their intellect and their ability to bring originality into the table. This is supposedly one of the best places for the moon to be in. This is because Aquarius is a humanitarian sign. It sees the bigger, broader picture and does not typically suffer the emotional turmoil that other signs typically have to deal with. It’s ruler Uranus symbolizes detachment, originality, revolution, new ideas, and innovation.

These people are great thinkers and leaders. Whereas, suns in Aquarius people come off as cold and detached, they don’t have to reap the disadvantages of this sign. They challenge, think, and bring ideas to the table. They may sometimes play the devil’s advocate as a result of being so open minded and having their minds flying through all realms and places.

They are magnetic, and can attract lots of people around them because they are so fun and interesting to be around. However, in a relationship they can have problems as they are not very giving emotionally and will be detached. They view love as a kind of friendship that assists them in exploring the world around them.

They have broad knowledge about everything. They are like the jack of the trades in the zodiac. They have knowledge in every subject. They can be clairvoyant in the sense that through their mind analytic powers, they can put the pieces of a puzzle together very easily.

However, their detached reactions can put off people in the wrong way, and since they are not as empathetic or intuitive as the cancers and the pisces of the zodiac, they just will not understand why someone can be hurt by their actions.

They will always try to be original and always bring something new to the table. Playing the devil’s advocate may get tiring for others around them sometimes but they emotionally strive off of their unconventionality. They are the thinkers of the zodiac, the interesting odd minds that will fascinate you and spin your head a little bit. They are the perfect combination of intellect and unconventional with the logo of unique written all across their forehead.



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