What is Alchemy?

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One thing to remember when we learn about this topic is that there are multiple truths to this universe and not everything should be taken literally. Alchemy wasn’t only about turning metals into gold. Alchemy was a trial and error process used to study our material universe as well as other possible dimensions that we may or not be aware of in order to transcend fate. It gives rise to universal patterns and the way the universe may work. It may give you a glimpse of ‘god’s’ mind and the deep allegorical patterns and symbologies that exist in it. But if god is non-existent in your mind, alchemy is merely a group of methods to overcome fate using the possible principles that govern our universe.

So let’s delve into the history of this practice. It’s origins go way back to Ancient Egypt where the very word derived from Al Khemet which means “from Egypt.” Khem means black and back in those ages, Egypt was known as “Black Land.” Thus, Alchemy in it’s very definition translates into “Black Art.”

This Practice derived from the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt and was passed on through to the Greeks as these two civilizations had been in contact for decades. Thetoth two ancient forms of magic met and merged and the God that supposedly created this discipline was called Toth in Egypt and Hermes in Egypt and is now known as Hermes Trismegistus. It was him who was the author of science, geometry, mathematics, medicine, philosophy and religion and his wife Maat who was the force that maintained the universe. As a goddess, she represents the unification of spirit and matter which is a vital part of alchemy.

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One important aspect of Alchemy is called the Tria Prima. It is the connection of spirit and matter or the veil that separates our material realm from higher realms. As the saying on the emerald tablet goes “As above, so below.” The Tria Prima consists of three elements each representing the aspects of this veil.


Sulfur is the omnipresence spirit of the life representing the fluid, fluctuating astral realm. Murcury is the fluid connection between the high and low. Salt is the base matter that represents all that we see in the three dimensional material realm.

The most important aspect of alchemy is the spiritual transcending of a person. In this discipline, there are seven steps if followed, one will gain enlightenment or the ‘philosopher’s stone.’ Each spiritual step corresponds to its chemical counterpart as chemistry stemmed from alchemy.

The first step is Calcination. Chemically this is the heating of a substance over an open flame into ashes. Spiritually, this is the destruction of the ego or everything we identify with and all the material things we are attached to. This is to ignite the fire of introspection and self evaluation. In this step, we analyze all that we are and why we are the way we are. This is to question everything especially ourselves and our preconceived ideas and our conditioned state.

The Buddhists try to reach this step by emptying themselves from all attachments of the material world and achieving a state of ‘nirvana’ which in it’s truest form means a peaceful state of mind.

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Dissolution is the proceeding step. Chemically this is to dissolve the ashes into water. When we apply this process to ourselves, this is the breaking down the psyche and allow the surfacing of subconscious and buried material. This is opening the flood gates and allowing new energy flowing through. This is done through not only questioning everything about ourselves through ‘shadow work’ and ‘inner-child work’ and identifying our triggers. When this is done, you’ll realize that not only do you understand yourself, you’ll understand those around you at a deeper level. This will allow you to carry out acts of kindness without traditional biases and preconceived ideas. This is the opening up the kundalini process.

Separation is next in line on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Chemically this is the isolation of components of dissolution by filtration and discarding any unwanted parts. Psychologically, this is finding our essence and reclaiming the dream and visionary parts of previously rejected by our rational parts of our minds of our psyche. This is what we have been taught to hide. This is to review and refine our personalities and letting go of the self inflicted restraints of our true nature so we can shine through. In its simplest forms, this is to go against traditional norms and not holding back our creative expression in the truest sense. It is to not hold back what we want to do and all that we are meant to do when we were placed into this world.

The next process that takes place is Conjunction. This is the recombination of elements of saved elements into a new substance from a chemical perspective. Psychologically this is to empower our true self and to unify the feminine and masculine sides of our personalities to form a new belief system or intuitive state of being. This is when you finally get in touch with every lost aspect of your being, all your memories and who you are outside of the ego or the identity that you put forward, and being more aware of your reality on a daily basis. This is to find your purpose and empowering yourself. Success in this process is to be in a state of non-resistance. Writing a journal about daily occurrences, feelings, and thoughts help in this process. Dream journals and synchronicity journals are helpful in this part.  This is achieving the lesser stone and synchronicities start taking place. You will see your life as a pattern and daily occurrences start forming a relation to the previous occurrence and all of a sudden, everything starts making sense.

The next process is called Fermentation. This is the introduction of new life. Chemically this is the growing of a ferment bacteria. An example of this would be the fermenting of grapes into wine. As a spiritual process, this is gaining inspiration from spiritual powers from above that reanimates and enlightens the alchemist. This is gaining the ‘peacock’s tail,’ that is the display different colours and meaningful visions. This is usually achieved through deep meditation, trans-personal therapy, deep prayer, psychedelic drugs and deep desire for mysticism. Fermentation is the living inspiration of something that is beyond us.

Distillation is the second last process. Chemically is the boiling and condensation of the fermented solution to increase it’s purities. Psychologically, it  is the agitation and sublimation of psychic forces to make sure that no impurities of the inflated ego is incorporated into the next and final stage. This is to raise the content of the psyche to its highest potential. It frees someone from emotions and even their identity. It is the purification of the mind, and the ‘unborn self.’ This is to realize all that we truly can be. This is the raising of the life force. This is called the ‘circulation of the light.’ This is to have your third eye open.

Coagulation is the last and final process. Chemically, it is the precipitation of the purified ferment from distillation. It is the new confidence that is beyond all things and it is experienced as a permanent vehicle of consciousness that embodies the highest aspirations of the mind and that releases the astral body or the soul to exist in all planes of reality. This is gaining enlightenment or the ‘philosopher’s stone.’ This is returning to the garden of Eden.

There you have it. This is the seven spiritual disciplines of alchemy. This spiritual discipline was used to transcend the normal state into having having more power over your fate and surroundings. It is to go from the materia prima; the ordinary state of being to achieving the philosophers stone or enlightenment. This is what the Rosicrucians considered alchemical marriage. This is the marriage of our soul to the divine universal force that takes place through merging our feminine and masculine aspects. This is the achievement of the higher self. This is a detailed way to not only achieve ‘nirvana,’ achieving a peaceful state of mind unattached to materialism but also to use our spiritual self to attain a higher state of being and an ability to control our perception of reality and altar it.

One thing to note about the art of Alchemy is that this discipline was coded in allegories. The motive of turning metal to gold is an allegory itself for turning oneself into it’s highest potential possible. It is achieving the ‘higher self.’ It is rooted in rich symbolism such as elemental and minerals and a dose of ancient paganism. The reason behind this was to escape persecution from religious fanatics and keep this wisdom away from those deemed unworthy.

The Alchemist believes in duality.download (6) This is marked by the unification of opposites such as the unification of femininity and masculinity in the form of twin flames. It believes in the unification of the right and left hemisphere to form a balanced mind. This is when the ajna chakra or the third eye is opened. This is alchemical marriage. This process is symbolically represented by Prometheus giving the torch of light to humanity or the snake in the Garden of Eden telling Eve that her eyes will be open and she shall know what the gods know.

Now whether you take these stories literally is up to you. But alchemy in it’s spiritual sense is self development and to find a connection with a universal force or all that exists. This art is an empowerment of the self and finding our own path.


The Freemasons

cSo many of you know the scandalous secret society the free masons, and you being in this very page is to find out more about them. Conspiracy theories all over youtube claim that this secretive group holds powerful positions all across the world and is plotting to create a New World Order. Many believe that they have secret satanic rituals and are the cause of corruption and evil all across the world. Their association with some mysterious and occultists such as Albert Pike or Alleister Crowley is the cause of the havoc surrounding the Freemasons. But what really are they?


Freemasonry describes itself as a system of moralized, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. They would make you believe that they are simply an organizations who although has secretive rituals, organize social and charitable events.. It is said that those of lower ranks or degrees have no idea what really is going on. It is as if they are living in a matrix and they are naïve as to what is to come. They may have joined as they were referred by someone else; recommended three times as the story goes. The image we typically get is of a naïve young man entering a lodge, pressured into wearing a special costume and partaking in a mysterious ritual; a ritual that’s meaning is unknown.


So what is the structure of this very secretive organization and what does it take to get to the top? Well, first you have to be recommended three times by a freemason before an interview takes place. In some jurisdictions, you have to have some belief in a deity or higher power. Other jurisdictions accept everyone and some like the Swedish rite only accept Christians. Why it is necessary to have faith in a higher power, particularly faith in Abrehemic religions could be because they themselves believe in a higher power in their own way. They have their own interpretations of biblical characters especially prophet Solomon.


It is known that there are 33 degrees of freemasonry. Upon entering each level, an initiation takes place with secret rituals and ceremonies where the member is entrusted with passwords, signs, and grips peculiar to this new rank.


These degrees can be divided into three categories; apprenticeship, fellowship, and master mason. There are various lodges all around the world but not a grand lodge that is governed internationally. Each lodge is independent and may not recognize the other as legitimate. When they are not organizing social and charitable events, they meet to confer a masonic degree or receive a lecture about masonic history or ritual.

So who do they follow and what are their secrets? Christians rely on bible stories that have become the allegory of morality; muslims rely on their Qur’an but the masons have one story that have become the basis of their organization. It is of the cheif architect of solomon’s temple.


Hyram Abiff knew secrets that had been the cause of three men’s envy. He supposedly knew the secrets of ‘God’s divine’ plans. At noon each day, Hyram left the site to pray. One day three men stopped at each door of the temple each demanding Hyram’s secrets. When Hyram approached the first man and was asked for the secret, he said he would tell when the temple is finished. Unfortunately for Hyram, his throat was slashed with a sharpened stone by the first man. When he attempted to escape and arrived at the next door, another man asked for the secrets. In return for not telling him, he struck him with a mason’s square. The third man finally killed him upon not receiving the answer he was looking for. Then he cried out “Who will help the widowed son?” which became the universal cry for help from brother masons.


The moral of the story is hard to grasp but once you think through the tale clearly, you’ll realize what Hyram had which others didn’t. He was patient. He was wise enough to pinpoint who can handle the secrets he carries and he was committed to his word. Hyram was so committed to keeping his secrets that he died to protect it. In a similar way, the masons believe in secrecy and loyalty as members are forced to swear in oath. The items used in this very murder are what symbolizes freemasonry today.


One of their very rituals are based on this tale as they reenact the ritual murder of hyram. This is the recreation of the initiation rite of the master mason although the content varies with lodges.

Their true origins are questioned. But it is said that they are traced back to the stonemasons that built cathedrals in medieval Europe and they attempted to make them accordingly to the description of the Solomon’s temple.e' They knew many things about geometry, had favorable proportions and used many tools to build their structures. Freemasons adopted their handshakes but how they went from trade union to a secret society stays a mystery.

Many others have formed myths about them and stretched their history back to three thousand years ago to legendary white knights of the crusades who travelled to the holy land to protect Christian pilgrims called the Knights Templars. Upon travelling to Jeureselam, they have gained what many would refer to as secret knowledge or ‘enlightenment.’ They stayed at the Al Aqsa mosque which was built on top of the ruins of Jewish temples including the temple of Solomon. They housed their horses in Salomon’s stables and was involved in cleaning out these areas often. It is said that they chose their stables to dig for buried treasure, Salomon’s gold, plunder of ancient Rome andking-solomon-cc the holy grail and the lost secrets of the ancient Jewish sect called the accedes whose strange rituals told how many men could communicate with god freely as king Solomon had.


What they found remains to be a mystery but when they returned to Europe, they had wide influence. They gained sponsorship of the church and expanded in number. They invented early forms of banking, the first multinational banking system and cathedrals and sites all over Europe. But they were only said to have met at night when outsiders were not allowed. Quickly, rumors spread that they were conducting strange rituals which seemed to have derived from the scrolls they found. Eventually king Philip of France gave orders to kill all of them all in one day. They were charged under the name of blasphemy and accused of spitting on the cross, worshiping a cat or a severed head and the god Baphomet. imagesThis all happened on Friday the thirteenth on 1307 which gave rise to the popular notion of the unlucky Friday the thirteenth.


It is said that they may have gone underground and formed secret societies since then and took their hidden knowledge and scrolls to the Roslyn chapels in the Scottish lowlands. Most think that the connection between the masons and the Knights Templars stems from the fact that masonic rituals explains how Solomon has met with their leading priests in the chambers underneath King Solomon’s temples. Roslyn chapels contain exactly that.


Types of Relationships one may enter in their lives

There has been a rise about the topic of Twin flames. The other half of our souls that last split from us as we separated from source to experience the illusion or “Maya” of the material world. They are the intensely passionate relationship we all long for. Our Soul mates are those split from us earlier and that are part of our soul groups. Karmic relationships are those people we are drawn to because we are said to have known them in a past life. So when do we meet each and why?


Karmic Relationships

These are the relationships that are marked by an overwhelming attraction. But these connections are often not easy. Since there is karma to be balanced or pay off, the relationship is usually marked by chaos, and a frightening consuming feeling that doesn’t feel quite safe. They sometimes give off a similar vibe to that of twin flame relationships. But the difference is that twin flames run because they cannot handle the idea of caring for another person more than they could care about themselves. You hurt or get hurt in a karmic relationships unless the karma is good. It is as if you have an overwhelming attraction to the other but you have little to no admiration or respect for the other person. The attraction is primal and something that should be avoided.

This is why people should listen to their intuition. If you have a primal urge to merge with the other but find yourself loathing her or his personality, chances are that it is karmic. Karmic relationships also don’t last long unless the karma takes long to balance.

However, if the concept of karma doesn’t resonate with you, there is a simple explanation to a relationship that feels this way. If you are at a low vibratory rate, you do a job that you hate, you act in ways that are not parallel to your personal truth, and if you have trouble expressing your emotions and admitting the truth to yourself and others, you will attract people that will lead you to continue on that path. They will provoke out of you negative emotions. Remember that the subconscious mind attracts situations that make you aware of suppressed emotions and past traumas. You may even have had a soul contract with this person to provoke you into going in the direction that you are supposed to. Maybe this person came into your life and made you feel so bad about yourself that you were forced to love yourself unconditionally as a result.

Soulmate Relationships

These relationships are not hard to maintain or enter. When you meet a soul mate, you’ll feel an over-consuming love for the other. The intensity is less when compared to a twin flame and/or karmic relationship and this relationship is here to guide you to continue in the direction of what your life path is. In other words, these people will influence you to go in the direction of whatever it is that you came here to do. What you came here to do is whatever it is that resonates with you and provides food for your emotional body. It’s what feels emotionally right.

Most of the times, a soul mate relationships is easy. You both have spiraled out of the same branch of souls so there is a level of comfort between the both of you. You both know each other and have decided to experience each other  in the physical realm as lovers. Sometimes soulmate relationships can be between friends, family members and even pets and owners but that shall be discussed another time.

However, if a twin flame is not present in the physical realm, depending on how much a soul mate must push you to realize your own essence and follow through with your sole purpose upon incarnating in this three dimensional world, this relationship could also be tough.

Whether, it’s easy or tough, these relationships have one of the most influence on a person’s life.

Twin Flame Relationships

This is the last soul you split up from in the repetitive process of splitting from source. Coming face to face with your twin flame could be intense and you may be intensely attracted to them explained by the concept known as “love at first sight.”

The feeling of familiarity would be all too consuming. The meeting would be marked by syncronicities. You may have deja vus or at least the feeling that where you are at the moment is right, familiar and was felt before. You would just know when you meet them. It would be a mystical experience.

Your perceptions of all things will be altered and a sudden burst of luck or situations and things marked by high vibrations will fall into your sight. You two were brought together for a purpose. Whether that purpose was to merge and ascend after this lifetime or to serve humanity, you will know.

One may run because of the sheer intensity of the relationship. But they would run from the relationship because they know that once they’ve experienced the sudden high of the drug, there is no going back.

When the merging of two twin souls take place, telepathy or sexual intercourse in astral realms may take place in the form of dreams. You can be transformed and perhaps even reach a higher state of consciousness.

But before this process takes place, the ‘false self’ or the ego must be wiped away or at least filtered. Any attributes that don’t serve you, you will have to clear away or your twin flame will force you to do so. This purging process is not easy and this is usually what makes people run or even dislike their twin flame at earlier stages.

A twin flame is often very hard to find. Most people are not ready and the idea of a powerful union can be romantic, but with love comes pain. Separation is often very painful and any struggles between the twins bring upon immense pain. If they are placed in similar situations as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, it could lead to the death and destruction of both as love is just a destructive force as it is a transformative one.

Signs and Symptoms include:

  • Purging of the self off of anything that doesn’t serve
  • A sense of “deja vu” upon meeting
  • Love at first sight
  • Syncronicities such as names, scars, turning points in lives, and uncanny coincidences that are unlikely to occur otherwise
  • Unusual meeting
  • Dreams, and instances of telepathy (like him calling you when you just thought of why he doesn’t call you)
  • The time you two spend together is almost mystical in nature (It feels like you are in a dream)
  • A sudden burst of luck
  • You may have had dreams of him upon meeting him or you continuously dream of him afterwards and may have even had sexual intercourse with him in your dream
  • You often see 11:11 everywhere 
  • You immensely care for the other and it scares you


This meditation can help you attract a soul mate, or twin flame. Try it(if you’d like) and comment below about your experiences. 



Why do we ALWAYS fall for the wrong person?

Nice little comic regarding a story you all know very well!

Nice little comic regarding a story you all know very well!

Why do we attract the people we do into our lives? Why do we produce an interest in one person and not the other? Why does the person that seem like my complete polar opposite actually intrigue me romantically and sexually?

That is what the most damaged ones, romantically speaking or otherwise have pondered upon. Some of us have daddy/mommy complexes. Others attract people that mirror their issues and when coming in face with these insecurities, they clash with their significant other. Others are in love with potentials and some just settle because of their insecurities. All these types give rise to unhappy relationships, miserable times, and just more damage to the self in particular.


Let’s start with those of us that have mommy/daddy issues. As children, most of us have some sort of attachment to the opposite sex parent; even more so than the same-sex parent. It’s our very first idea of love. A woman’s first love is her father and a man’s first love is his mother. Our home is our idea of what love is. So if the awoman’s father was an absent, “macho,” unaffectionate breadwinner who she always had to work hard getting validation from, that’s exactly what she will fall for when she grows older. If the man had a ‘damaged’ mother who consumed drugs, relied on men that eventually ended up hurting her, he will pursue a similar archetype. By ‘saving’ his lover, he subconsciously saves his mother and thus dissolves his childhood problems.

Others are instantly drawn to those that mirror their own hidden issues. If I had a bad life, chances are I won’t be attracted to innocence and kindness. I may not even understand it. I’ll be attracted to someone just as damaged so we could build walls protecting each other from the same cruel world that formerly hurt us both. I’d be the many Bonnies searching hopelessly for her Clyde.bonnieclyde A happy, social man with a typical high-paying nine to five job just won’t get it. This seems to be especially be true for women. People ask why women are attracted to jerks. It’s because they want the illusion of protection and only a damaged soul will get it. Fixing a man who’s suffered will band aid our own cuts and bruises especially a powerful man that makes us feel like he could fight the rest of the world for us.


What most people don’t understand is that we will all get what we think we need. If you need validation and want attention, but is afraid of emotional intimacy because your shadow self has gotten burnt while seeking it, you will get a man/woman that is distant, cold, doesn’t make you promises, and nothing goes anywhere with this person. Eventually you’ll reach a point where you can’t get out but you can’t get in either. You’ll feel stuck and you would want out but you’d be too attached.


If you want to bring the law of attraction into this, well our bodies are like dirty mirrors. dirty-mirrorThe light we put forward, is exactly what we get in return. So essentially, our negative thoughts, our shadow sides, our resistance will project forward and manifest into a personification of what we may or may not want consciously.


But how do we change our patterns? Awareness is the answer. What you have to do first is notice your patterns. Notice the type of men or women you attract. Think of a time of a man/woman you would consciously choose to be with but for some reason the spark just wasn’t there. Ask yourself why? Let’s say you’re in a relationship with a man/woman that you don’t want to be with but there’s an attachment you can’t let go. Well give it some time. Notice how she or he triggers you. Let that be a chance for you to do shadow work or just letting your emotions run free and being in a perfect state of allowance. Then once you’ve decided you want to leave the relationships for good, do it. Communicate with your significant other about your feelings and break free.


After leaving the relationship, cry whenever you need to or if you would rather break something, do it. Go to the gym and run as fast as you can. Use your elliptical arm handles as if you’re punching his/her face if you have to. No, he/she doesn’t actually deserve to be punched(or maybe they do) but you yourself need to first validate the anger you feel. Then run away from all of the people that made you feel this feeling in your childhood. Feel the power. Feel as if you finally have control over your life. Set yourself free.


What is the point of this? You can’t go from despair to instant happiness. Happiness is out of reach vibrationally from despair. So releasing your despair in the form of anger is step one.


Once you’ve done that, make a to-do list. Make a list of the type of movies you want to watch or a list of the books you want to read. Make a list of the things you want to try and do it. If you have a demanding job, at least watch a movie a day from the movie list. Do whatever you can do to receive joy. Find your place and form your identity. Meet new people. Meet people with common interests. Hang out with that old friend from high school that made you roll on the floor laughing.


Then keep a synchronicity journal. Write down all of the characteristics of the man/woman you want. Write all of it and don’t feel bad for wanting a certain trait. The purpose of your life is joy, and it’s only you who’ll bring you this. Imagine the feeling of being loved by this type of person. Now ask yourself, do you think you’re worthy of such a person. If you feel like the answer is no, then well you shouldn’t even start looking. Work to love yourself and accept all of you first. Remember, depending on what you believe, either god put you in this body or you chose it. Either god gave you all of these traits and made you ‘in his image’ or you chose it upon reincarnating. All of this occurred for a reason. Either God knows this reason or your higher self does.


If before finding ‘the one,’ you still want to achieve your goals, then do it. But remember if you don’t love yourself first, your goals and the perfect mate will forever stay unreachable. Tune into the frequency of self-love, and you’ll get more in return. Tune into the frequency of self-loathe, you’ll only get potentials; what you could be, who you could be with, and the goals you could achieve.


If you don’t want to read this article and you’d much rather listen, then be my guest!


Law of Attraction, Real or ludicrous?

So are Abraham Hicks teachings real? Or is it all a lie in order to promote their books and create an income? Is the law of attraction real?


At the base level, everything is energy. Atoms are 90 percent empty and particles exist only when we perceive them. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that time and space are relative to the observer. So according to that theory, is it too far stretched to believe that our surroundings exist because that’s exactly what we expect to find?


Particles are small and they come in and out of existence all the time but where do they go? Other dimensions or planes of reality? Do they come into existence because we expect them to? If they do, maybe if we could somehow tune into the formula that would cause larger things to manifest into our existence, we could afford higher hopes.


But why isn’t it as easy as it seems? That’s because the moment we entered the physical world, everything spiritual has been taken out of the picture and we have been conditioned to live in this realm. We’ve been robbed off of our creative expression and freedom. We’ve been disciplined and been told on a regular basis that we are lower beings, that we must listen to those in charge, those older and those more powerful and furthermore that we have no control over our own realities. We’ve been taught that if we want any control over our realities, we must prove ourselves and that’s exactly what we fear the most.

Look around you, almost everyone has the core belief that they are worthless. If I don’t have this, I’m worthless. Reach a level higher, I still want this and if I don’t get it, I’m worthless. We are always struggling. Everyone is taught to believe this and believes it to varying levels.


Like a radio, our brains are transmitters and a receiver of frequency. Our brains emit frequencies just like a radio transmitter. When a radio emits a frequency, it passes all matters and it’s something even scientists cannot explain. This is because at a quantum physics level, frequency is the smallest known particle on earth.

Therefore, when the human brain emits frequencies, it’s picked up by other brains and other physical matter. That’s why a mother can sense when her child is in trouble or your bestfriend calls you right after you think of her. It’s telepathy at a lower degree to which we think are meaningful coincidences.


And if you don’t believe in ‘ludicrous nonsense’ like telepathy, there isn’t much I can do to convince you except for the fact that Nostradamus predicted that one day through the revolution of science, we will be able to communicate telepathically and much of his predictions already came true but that’s a topic for another time.

So, if your core beliefs are things like, “I am powerful,” “I am beautiful,” and “I am confident,” you will automatically expect these things to reflect and manifest in your reality. And people and the circumstances you attract will further make you believe that you really are all of these things.


But things are usually not so simple because almost everything we’ve been through has conditioned us to act a certain way and formed core beliefs which are often not so easy to get rid of. Our subconscious mind is what often does the manifesting and often our traumas are what conditions it to expect negativity. Every time, we go through a negative experience, our conscious mind copes with it by filtering the negative aspects into the subconscious. That’s our shadow. Our shadow is what projects onto our surroundings all the time and that’s what creates every negative experience even if our conscious thoughts aren’t particularly negative. It’s important to clear up the shadow. There are videos on youtube dedicated to this subject as well as an article within reach on this very site about the topic!


So how might this work? Just like what the wave-particle experiment demonstrates, the particle has the potential to exist as a wave and a particle at the same time. That’s how our lives work, our future exists as potentials. And according to the relativity theory, we will get what we expect. And our subconscious mind is programmed to expect what we formerly experienced since it doesn’t understand time and space. So it is ultimately stuck in every detail of the traumatic events that we have gone through.


The realm of possibilities increase as we go higher up the dimensions until the interconnectedness increases to such an amount that everything is one and all that exists is every possibility that you can ever think of. Let me use an example. People who lucid dream or astral travel report that when they tune into the astral level of reality, it’s not much different from the physical world except it’s not as ‘fixed’ as the physical world. It’s more of a vibrational world that looks as if it can be changed any moment. Which means that the potentials of a glass in the astral world has more potentials to be other things.

Just like the emerald tablets used by alchemists used to say “as above, so below.” Also, in lucid dreams people report to get and create anything they could possibly want. So if you want to believe that the astral realm is as real as ours, then it’s safe to conclude that the potentials increase as we go higher up the realms. So programming ourselves for bliss up there, in the realm of thoughts and dreams so we could receive it down here isn’t such a bad idea.


Dreaming is also said to demonstrate the thoughts, memories, and fears. So weather, you believe you are entering a higher realm which is a faster projection of our inner battles or not, our dreams can still tell us a lot about ourselves.


However, I want to give two links to people who buy into this and want to change their inner-self, thought patterns and rewire their minds. These are two softwares. One is solely for text subliminals and the other is for visual ones. They’re both free. (I’ve been using it for months and I’ve noticed changes, gradually but it’s working)

Subliminal advertising was banned ever since slogans of “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Eat popcorn” were flashed throughout a movie too fast for conscious perception. As a result, slaves of popcorn had risen 18.1 percent and coke by 57.7 percent in 1957.

Let’s experiment for ourselves. Let’s see if we see changes in our lives. Let’s try this and comment below after a month or two!




As a child, none of us knew what hatred is and we don’t know what pain feels like. If someone takes something from us, we forgive and forget within minutes. We were truly the embodiment of innocence.innocence

As we are older now, we are critical of others, envious, certain personality types trigger negative thoughts and emotions and overall we have become bitter beings. People have hurt us in the form of abusive and/or neglectful parenthood, bad relationships, dying friendships, family disputes, bullying and even molestation and rape. Forgiving the perpetrators seem almost impossible to do.  It’s like hitting a brick wall. It just won’t happen. They’ve taken a part of us that is so precious. They took fragments of our souls.

I am no different. I never like my cousin’s picture. At the extreme, I watch the man that touched me at age 11 being thrown into hell.

This page isn’t going to be about forgiving people that have done too much damage. This page is only going to be about forgiving the cousin or the elementary friend that bruised our egos. Forgiveness is a hard process and baby steps is necessary on order to take on the harder challenges. I may never be able to forgive that man as victims of molestation may never be able to theirs but little is surely better than nothing.

This is about people we didn’t get along with. Let’s begin with my story. I was a sheltered girl, daughter to a religious father who wasn’t allowed to hang out with the opposite sex or even girls of different faiths and cultures. I had grown up in the west but felt as if I belonged nowhere. I hadn’t even ordered at a fast food restaurant properly at the age of 17 and people did scare me. I went to visit my aunt and my older cousin in LA during the summer. Instantly this Californian chick with tattoos who was completely raised differently made me uncomfortable especially being deeply religious at that age (I’m an appostate now). She treated me as if I wasn’t good enough, paid little attention to me, and often said bitchy little things that would cause me to cry in private. This was supposed to be the older sister I never had, my other half, someone I could depend on throughout my life as a guide. My dreams shattered.

I eventually returned to Canada and I developed this personification of my cousin and even other members of my extended family(I had other reasons) as classist, stuck up, shallow and uncultured. Was this a form of me being over critical? Yes, it is. What I’m doing is projecting forth anger because I assumed that I have gotten rejected for my own insecurities. While she may not have liked me much because I was religious, a little too shy and perhaps ‘uncool’ by Western standards (due to my carefully sheltered childhood), her behaviour may have nothing to do with me.

Was she a good person for treating me that way? Of course not, but the reason why we weren’t close could be entirely different. She may have felt depressed over her ended relationship, fueds with friends and well her wrong choices when it came to her education. Maybe, she wasn’t entirely able let me in her life especially while dealing with those internal conflicts.

Another reason we could have clashed was the fact that the way we were raised was completely different. While I was painfully sheltered and yet was instilled some cultural values, she was baby sat all her life. She had rebellious friends in high school, teachers that lusted after her (mentioned in conversation) and she wasn’t familiar with attitude exuding excess kindness like I was due to living in Toronto, one of the best cities in one of the most peaceful countries in the world. My point is she had to be tough and prove herself initially so a fragile shy damsel in distress like myself who might even judge her for her wild life style wasn’t much of her liking.

Maybe if that justification of the clash between the older sister I never had doesn’t sound legitimate,  then perhaps maybe I triggered an aspect of her shadow self she wanted nicely hidden? Maybe a girl who prayed had belittled her at some point of her life. Maybe a demure girl had stolen her boyfriend or friend? The possibilities are endless. What matters is initially she’s not an evil person. We just didn’t get along. Now it’s up to me to neutralize the way I would feel about a person that reminds me of her or of traits that I may think is hers.

What you should do is imagine a picnic table late at night and two pathways ahead. You and her/him are sitting on the picnic table. Then you tell the other person your feelings towards them. You can end it with them apologizing and then telling them: “It was nice to meet you, but we just didn’t click. I hope you have a good life but we must simply go our own paths.” Then walk on different paths. And that’s it.


There are countless possibilities of the reason why we didn’t get along with a specific person or why they didn’t like us. There are subconscious reasons, there are difficult times they might be going through, wrong time for you two to be together and maybe plain ignorance. Remember we are all wounded beings. It’s just that some are more than others and less aware about it. Don’t expect too much and put people on a pedestal just to chain them to the depths of hell afterwards. See them for what they really are and release the negative energy that is holding you back from being whole,  in harmony with those around you, and in a state of allowance. Once you’re in a state of resistance like exuding hatred, your reality is likely to mirror these exact emotions even if in some cases the emotions might not be appropriate.

Changing Core Beliefs

Regardless of anything, most of us have negative core beliefs that we’re not even slightly aware of. Every time you get anxious working in front of people, every time you think that a certain type of person has certain biases or thinks negative thoughts about you, it is an indication that you have rooted core beliefs.

Let me use my example. I used to have social anxiety and to an extent, I still do. I often act as if or feel like a piece of meat amidst starving hungry dogs that are doing whatever it possibly takes to bite me. This reaction comes from my past of being bullied, molested, and having a chaotic relationship with my Father.

My core belief is that I’m the worst of all creatures and that somehow everyone can see right through me and all my flaws are emphasized somehow for the whole world to see and comment on. That is how I act and I often have people asking me whether I’m okay. Because I don’t look okay, regardless of how much I try and hide it, people sense my vulnerability in certain situations. It took a lot of studying about the shadow self to realize that I feel this way even around close friends. Somehow always waiting to be attacked by any one of them and somehow taking jokes as a personal attack. The truth of the matter was that I needed to lighten up and allow me to be myself without acting like what I am is bad.

The truth is everyone has reasons for positive core beliefs, maybe just as much as reason for a negative core belief but the reason why our negative core beliefs are the ones that are manifested into our lives is because our conscious mind filters all that we cannot cope with into our subconscious mind. And it is the subconscious mind or the shadow self that influences what we manifest to our physical plane of existence.

Now if you’re 9 years old, and your parents hit you and told you that they no longer want you, you’re worthless and that they want to give you up to foster care, all of those hurtful feelings will be filtered directly to the subconscious and whether or not you manifest the proof of that exact core belief into your life, this incident will manifest into social anxiety, depression, and other factors affecting your mental health. You will treat yourself as a Salem witch being hunted down to be burnt at the stake. You will feel as if one small mistake is a call for humiliation and will forever be at your defenses even if there really is no need to be.

So how do you change these core beliefs? Other than finding peace with your inner child through shadow work, you will have to purposefully build the roots of new beliefs. This is a common belief most people already have without even realizing. “I am worthless” is a belief that has been rooted deeply within us since childhood. And if you don’t want me to go so far as to claim that most people have such pitiful self-esteem that deep inside they feel worthless, then I shall claim that certainly, everyone has the core belief “I am powerless.”

We’ve all felt powerless. When we failed a math test and when we have been told that our imaginary friend isn’t real are just the root to the problems. The concept our minds formed as a result was “I am powerless.” Now in our adulthood, when we cannot find a job, this is just the proof of a concept we already knew of.

To change these core beliefs, isn’t going to be easy. Even affirmations and subliminal programming may not aid us. So doing this exercise will be helpful. Keep a journal and in the journal, write five core beliefs that you want to have and each and everyday add proof(the pillers) to each and every new belief.

So, let’s use my example My core belief is that I’m powerless. I should cross this core belief out and write down a new one such as “I am powerful.”


Why am I powerful?

Let’s look at the past…

I have gotten As and Bs through out my high school years.

I did a job at age fifteen and earned a good enough income, thus proving my mom’s friends who thought I was incapable of holding a job wrong.

I stopped a friend from jumping off her balcony.

I had often pulled all nighters, ending up achieving an A in my assignments.

I have wrote fiction that people have begged me to finish.

Then you should look at the present…

Then you should look at today…

Did you do anything productive today?

Also keep in mind that you should do activities that line up with your core beliefs. This is especially important if you are in fact depressed and aren’t ready to confront your shadow self. Line up with people that compliment you and make you ‘feel good.’ Keep writing in this journal. What will happen is that according to the law of attraction, you will attract situations that will keep on proving to you that this core belief is in fact truth.

Remember, you get what you expect. But before you can expect, you have to condition yourself to expect as such. You will never be a vibrational match to winning the lottery if you’re in debt and you are constantly focusing on lack. But take one step at a time, and since you won’t automatically believe that you’re a millionaire, you’ll have to condition yourself to believe that you’re meant for greater things.

Let’s say you want money but a core belief that you have might be “Rich people are classist,” or “Money is bad,” or even “You have to stab someone else in the back in order to climb the ladder of success.”

You will never have an abundance of wealth. Why? Because you believe yourself to be different to all of the above, you won’t be a vibrational match to money. So unless you become ‘bad,’ are willing to ‘stab someone else in the back,’ or become ‘classist,’ it is mandatory for you to change those core beliefs.

So it’s your job to formulate something like this.

Rich people are bad…Really?

Then you have the president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica that donates ninety percent of his money to charity and lives in a farmhouse off a dirt road where him and his wife work the land themselves.


So what does that mean?

More money is equivalent to more of an ability to help people but also have personal freedom yourself. So money doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

If you believe “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Well get a job.

Then leave a fraction of the pay check to spend on something you want and another fraction, you save in a saving’s account. When you feel always secure when it comes to money, that’s when it will start accumulating. Also keep a ten or twenty dollar bill with you at all time even if you just want to look at it to give you the illusion of security. But at least it conditions your mind to believe that you will have money no matter what and will forever be financially secure.jlou